I think it’s a good idea for scientists and scholars to keep their personal webpages up to date with as much Open Access material as possible.
Deirdre Curtin
University of Amsterdam and Utrecht

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The Impact Factor of Open Access Journals

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DOAJ logoAlbeit the fact that the quickest way to attain open access is to publish final author versions of papers (so called post prints) in institutional repositories, also dubbed the green road to open access. Most authors however, prefer to publish their research in OA journals the "golden road" to open access. 

Currently there is an important drawback for scientists to publish along the golden road to open access. Not all OA journals are included in the Web of Science and therefore the Journal Citation Reports. Whereas the journals included in WoS are most often used to assess the citation impact of their work for the peer review assessments that are carried out on a regular basis at Dutch universities.    

It is therfore better to choose Open Access journals that are included in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). A list of these 619 OA journals with impact factors is available for downloading. The justification for the list can be found in the blogpost The Impact Factor of Open Access journals.