Quality means more than the h-index, which is based on publications in traditional journals. The review committees are only interested in the h-index of the journals. So the researcher is just reduced to a number that's open to debate. It's a serious prob
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A census of OA repositories in the Netherlands

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The major OA repositories in the Netherlands are aggregated by Narcis. As such Narcis offers a tool to compare OA repositories in the Netherlands. Comparing deposit rates of OA repositories with actual reported figures for article output, shows that deposit rates vary between 7% at three universities to 40% for the VU in Asterdam. The Dutch average for universities of 22% of the peer reviwed article output to be available in OA. For PhD theses higher figures are obtained. These vary between 51% for Leiden and 100% (some even higher, due to differences in reporting units) The average being well in the 80%.

 OA deposits per publication year 2006-2010

Articles, PhD theses and reports are the mainstay of the deposits. Very few repositories collect other type of scholarly output other than these three mentioned except for Wageningen UR.
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