We are increasingly members of a knowledge society. Therefore the free flow of knowledge is very important. From the researcher to the professional, from the knowledge institute to business and public sector and vice versa.
Doekle Terpstra
Dutch Association of Universities of Applied Sciences


Nominate for SURFshare Open Access Award

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SURFshare Open Access Award for outstanding efforts to promote Open Access
Nominations can be submitted until 15 January 2010.

Why the SURFshare Open Access Award?
A lot of hard work has been done in the course of 2009 – SURF’s ‘Open Access Year’ – to ensure more Open Access to Dutch research results. The award is SURFshare’s way of honouring two people who have made outstanding efforts in this regard over the course of the year.

Who can be nominated?
SURFshare intends presenting an Open Access Award to two people who have made outstanding efforts in 2009 to promote Open Access withiin the Netherlands.
One award will go to someone whose efforts have had a strategic focus, for example by means of a significant policy development or a promising result for 2010.
The other award will go to someone who has made outstanding practical efforts as regards implementation of a (small-scale) application.

What are the prizes?
Each winner will receive the SURFshare Open Access Award and a personal gift.
The winner in the practical category will also receive € 2000 to devote to an Open Access activity at his/her own organisation.

What is the nomination procedure?
The deadline for nominations is 15 January 2010. The nomination – no more than a single sheet of standard A4 paper – must comprise the following elements:
- The name of the nominee (or nominees) and the organisation where he/she works;
- An indication of whether the nomination is for the ‘strategic’ or ‘practical’ category;
- A description of the nominee’s efforts and results, with reasons why he/she deserves to win the Open Access Award.
Nominations should be e mailed to
vanderkuil at surf.nl.

Once nominations have closed on 15 January 2010, the SURFshare programme office will select the winner in each category.
The winners will be announced and will receive their awards at the
Open Access seminar on 2 February 2010.