American Chemical Society (ACS) 2017-2021

Publish open access without any costs in all hybrid and full open access journals from this publisher.

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Note: The details of the new agreement with this publisher are currently being worked out. In the meanwhile you can continue publishing open access without any costs in the hybrid journals, the full open access journals wil not be part of the new agreement. Contact the open access specialists at your institute if you have any questions.

License and conditions

  • The agreement covers all hybrid and full open access journals from ACS. Use the Open Access Journal browser for an overview or to find a specific journal.
  • All new articles will be published in full open access with no additional costs for the authors.
  • Publication types that are part of the agreement: original research articles, review articles.
  • A corresponding author participating in the open access program must be associated with a Dutch university or organization.
  • The list of participating ACS-members contains all Dutch universities (including Academic Medical Centers), with the exception of Erasmus University and Tilburg University. Other partners include the FOM-institute AMOLF and Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW).

How does it work?

  • At submission, the corresponding author must select the institution and use the email address of that institution.
  • Authors whose articles are accepted by ACS, will be automatically granted an ACS Author Choice Open Access Licence CC-BY-NC-ND.​
  • ​If an author does not use an email address of his/her institution, or does not pick the proper institution from the drop down list, the article will not be published open access.
  • ​Did something go wrong or do you want to make an already published article open access? Contact your open access liaison ​for support. The liaison will ask SURFmarket to request a repair action with ACS. This is possible until three months after acceptance.
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