AIP Publishing (AIPP) 2022-2024

Free open access publication in 26 hybrid journals of AIPP

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Details and conditions of the licence

  • The corresponding author with the publisher is affiliated with a participating Dutch university or institution. Only then can open access be published under the agreement at no extra cost.
  • Participating universities (incl. university medical centres) are: Radboud University, University of Groningen, Delft University, Eindhoven University, Maastricht University, Twente University, University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam.
  • The agreement applies to 26 AIPP hybrid journals. See the Open Access Journal Browser for an overview, or use it to search for a specific journal.
  • The following article types are covered by the agreement: research articles and updates, reviews, brief communications, communication conference articles, fast tracks of article-FT, letters, notes, roadmaps, perspectives and tutorials.
  • Within this agreement, a maximum number of free open access articles can be published each year by corresponding authors from the participating institutions: 126 in 2022, 133 in 2023 and 141 in 2024.
  • Start date of the agreement is 1 August 2022. To be eligible for free open access, the acceptance date must be after 1 August 2022 and before 31 December 2024. 

How does it work?

  • The corresponding author with the publisher, which for the publisher is the one who submits the article, must use the appropriate affiliation via the drop-down menu when submitting and use the institution's email address.
  • When submitting the publication, the corresponding author can indicate that the article should be published in open access.
  • After approval by the institution, the articles are published open access with a CC BY license.


Meer informatie

See the workflow documentation for further explanation.

More information on the AIPP website.

This contract discloses the 'Content Licensing Agreement' with AIP Publishing.

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