Cambridge University Press 2017-2019

Hybrid as well as full open access journals are included in this deal.

Deal duration
Status licence

License and conditions

  • There is an agreement with Cambridge University Press to publish open access in 261 hybrid and 20 full open access journals. All titles are included in the title list.
  • A number of journals (especially society journals) are excluded from the deal, but corresponding authors can always ask if their article can be published open access without further charges.
  • The agreement applies to all universities, except Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE) and Wageningen University (WUR).
  • The corresponding author must be associated with one of the eligible Dutch universities.

How does it work?

  • Corresponding authors must use their institutional email address during submission.
  • After an article has been accepted, the corresponding author may indicate under which affiliation he/she submitted the article; CUP will know that the author is entitled to remission.
  • Cleck the 'Apply Discount' button confirm open access publication.


Meer informatie

More information about agreement on the publisher's website.


This Contract discloses the 'Contract form for supply of products to Surfmarket'. 

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