Emerald Publishing Group 2021-2023

Publish free of charge in a selection of Emerald hybride- and all full open access journals.

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License and conditions

  • All Dutch universities  (including University Medical Centers) are part of this agreement. 

  • Emerald has maximum amount of vouchers available yearly for free of charge open access: 71 in 2021, 86 in 2022 and 101 in 2023. When a yearly maximum is reached, a message will be displayed here.

  • University affiliated (teaching and research staff, students employed/enrolled/otherwise accredited) corresponding authors can publish cost free open access in the hybride and full open access journals.

  • Publication types that are part of the agreement: original articles, review articles.

  • Attention: only the hybride journals that the universities subscribe to are part of the agreement; this differs per university.

  • Use the Open Access Journal Browser to find out if a specific journal is part of the agreement for your university.

  • If there are no vouchers left or a hybrid journal is not part of the agreement, a 10% discount can be claimed by affiliated corresponding auhtors on the payment of the open access fee.

  • ATTENTION: On 25 November, the maximum number of vouchers agreed with Emerald for 2022 was reached. From then on, corresponding authors must pay an Article Processing Charge (APC if they want to publish their article open access.  The researcher will receive the bill themselves, unless they choose to publish within the subscription model. In the latter case, you do not publish in open access. Authors are advised to contact the  OA representative of their university  for more help or information.

 How does it work?

  • Use your institutional email address and select the correct institutional affiliation in during submission..

  • Upon submission corresponding authors are required to indicate that they want to make their article open access via a mandatory yes/no question.

  • See for more information Emeralds support page about 'Funded article processing charges'.


Meer informatie

Emerald's open access Partnership page.

For more info, please download the flyer: 'OA Voucher Leaflet

This contract discloses the 'Publish and Read Agreement SURF and Emerald 2021-2023'.  

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