Emerald Publishing Group 2021-2023

Publish free of charge in a selection of Emerald hybride- and all full open access journals.

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License and conditions

  • All Dutch universities  (including University Medical Centers) are part of this agreement. 

  • Emerald has maximum amount of vouchers available yearly for free of charge open access: 71 in 2021, 86 in 2022 and 101 in 2023. When a yearly maximum is reached, a message will be displayed here.

  • University affiliated (teaching and research staff, students employed/enrolled/otherwise accredited) corresponding authors can publish cost free open access in the hybride and full open access journals.

  • Publication types that are part of the agreement: original articles, review articles.

  • Attention: only the hybride journals that the universities subscribe to are part of the agreement; this differs per university.

  • Use the Open Access Journal Browser to find out if a specific journal is part of the agreement for your university.

  • If there are no vouchers left or a hybrid journal is not part of the agreement, a 10% discount can be claimed by affiliated corresponding auhtors on the payment of the open access fee.

 How does it work?

  • Use your institutional email address and select the correct institutional affiliation in during submission..

  • Upon submission corresponding authors are required to indicate that they want to make their article open access via a mandatory yes/no question.

  • See for more information Emeralds support page about 'Funded article processing charges'.


Meer informatie

Emerald's open access Partnership page.

For more info, please download the flyer: 'OA Voucher Leaflet

This contract discloses the 'Publish and Read Agreement SURF and Emerald 2021-2023'.  

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