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Publishing open access as a result of the agreement between Dutch universities and publisher Wiley is possible starting March 4th 2016.

The Dutch universities and Publisher John Wiley and Sons Inc.

Based on the agreement between the Dutch universities and Springer, 1927 articles by Dutch scientists were published in open access on the Springer website in 2015.

The purpose of Quality Open Access Market (QOAM) is to share information about the quality of open access journals.

Linguistics offers free access to academic publications and manages its own journals.

Open access doesn’t stop at the border. Scholarship is (and always has been) international and so too is open access, which is all about having access to the results of research.

The principle of open access is widely supported within the Dutch academic world. Its aim, the free sharing of academic research results in the interests of scholarship, is hardly disputed.

How can open access benefit you?

Open access can boost the visibility, dissemination, use and impact of your work.

The Dutch government is of the opinion that publicly funded research should be freely accessible.


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