SAGE Publications is an American scientific publishing company founded in 1965 based in Thousand Oaks, California. There are also offices in Los Angeles and Washington DC. SAGE's publishing program includes more than 650 journals and 800 books a year, covering business, humanities, social sciences, science, technology and medicine.

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Deal duration
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Finalised licence
Terms and conditions

License and conditions

  • Corresponding authors from VSNU Netherlands universities will have their article made open access free of charge to the author.
  • 100 % discount on their open access article processing charge for 786 SAGE Choice journals
  • For publications in one of the 40 journals of learned societies partnered with the publisher, SAGE will ask the society for permission to grant 100% discount on open access publishing costs. 
  • Publication in SAGE’s Pure Gold open access journals is not included in the agreement. Instead, a 20% reduction on open access publishing costs is offered. A special code is required for this. See "How does it work?" below.
  • The agreement covers : Original Papers, Review Papers, Brief Communications, Continuing Education, Case Reports, Letters to the editor and Invited Letters.
  • Editorials, announcements, sponsored supplements and book reviews are excluded from the deal.

How does it work?

  • Sage will recognize the corresponding author as a researcher of a Dutch university, based on e-mail affiliation; authors should therefore use their institutional email address.
  • Upon acceptance of the article for publication in a SAGE Choice journal, the corresponding author receives a SAGE email with the request to complete a form and return it immediately. The publisher will send you a personal message with a request to fill out a form and  send it by return mail.  The article is made Open Access without cost if SAGE receives the form in a timely manner. The form asks for a code, but you do not have to fill it out. Articles cannot be made Open  Access after publication.
  • To request the 20% discount for publication in SAGE's Pure Gold Access Journal, a special code is required. You can ask your library for this code. The code is requested at the time of payment of the APC. Depending on the journal, the author must: Answer the payment email with the code stating the VSNU agreement or if the system allows, enter the code into the payment system and automatically apply the code. After publication, the discount can no longer be claimed.
More information

SAGE published information of the Dutch deal.

Deal duration
Status licence
Finalised licence
Terms and conditions
  • Dutch university staff is able to publish open access in 150 selected journals as corresponding author. They will be notified automatically by SAGE on the basis of their email. The domain name of the university has to be present in the email. The notice will include an open access license form. After receiving a filled out form the article will be published with a CC.BY.3.0 license in SAGE choice. 

  • Dutch corresponding authors are able to receive a substantial discount. In 2016 they can publish their article for 200GBP/375USD in open access in other SAGE journals. Do you want to be eligible for this discount? Please send a standard license form to the editor of the journal after your publication has been accepted on whick you notify her/him that you want to publish in open access- SAGE Choice. You will be sent the SAGE Choice OA license. to use this discount, you have to fill in code "UKB90" on the SAGE Choice form.

More information

More information on the SAGE OA-website and the VSNU website.

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