Focus on FAIR: programme DANS 2021-2025

What does the Dutch data landscape need to be successful? How can DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services) contribute to this success? These two questions were the starting point for DANS’s new five-year programme. Under the aegis of KNAW and NWO, DANS will focus on its role as national centre of expertise and repository for research data in the coming years.

Henk Wals, director DANS: “Our new mission is unambiguous: to enhance the reusability of research data and thus the quality of scientific research. In 2020, with more than 150,000 datasets, DANS is in the top five of similar repositories in the world. DANS will contribute to the Dutch data landscape in 3 ways: as a versatile data repository, as a centre of expertise for FAIR data, and as a partner. This has resulted in an innovative programme: Focus on FAIR’.”

See for more information and the programme the website of DANS.


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