Open access content of NARCIS analyzed

Recently, a number of new graphs have been published on the NARCIS portal. These graphs provide an overview of the contents of NARCIS.

These graphs show a snapshot (December 2017) of the content:
• Open access for different publication types;
• Open access for dissertations;
• Open access for articles, in comparison with national output; and
• Open access for articles, for different universities
Two, long-standing charts present the current content in NARCIS, and contain an overview of the number of open access publications and the number of open access articles in NARCIS.

Contents NARCIS

NARCIS provides access to over 1, 6 million scientific publications from the repositories of Dutch universities, KNAW, a number of NWO institutes and other scientific institutions, such as TNO and the Universities of Applied Sciences. More than 546,000 publications are open access accessible. NARCIS does not contain the complete scientific output of the institutions. A large number of repositories contain all publications of the institution, while other repositories only have open access publications.





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