Open access publications 2016

2016 was the second year in which national agreements with publishers where made in the Netherlands, including an open access component. Open access publishing has become a more mature part of the package deals. The negotiations are a common result of SURFMarket, VSNU and the Dutch universities

The number of open access publications in 2016 totaled 4,512. This is a strong increase compared to the publication year 2015 when 2,043 publications were counted. The increase is due to the increased number of participating publishers and the improved workflows. In 2015 there were three publishers involved in the agreements, last year already ten. Eight of these publishers were actually publishing Dutch open access articles.

For 2017, the portfolio expanded with more publishers with an open access component. The prediction is that the current year of publication will produce more open access publications. In total there are more than 7,400 journals with an open access discount

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