American Chemical Society (ACS) 2022-2025

Publish open access without any costs in more than 60 hybrid journals from ACS.

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License and conditions:

  • The agreement covers all hybrid journals from ACS. Use the Open Access Journal browser for an overview or to find a specific journal.
  • The corresponding author with the publisher must be associated with a participating Dutch university or organization, only then the open access publishing is without any costs.
  • Participating in this agreement are all Dutch universities (including Academic Medical Centers), with the exception of Erasmus University and Tilburg University. And also FOM-institute AMOLF and Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW).
  • Publication types that are part of the agreement: original research articles and review articles.
  • This agreement covers a maximum of 544 cost free open access publications per year.

How does it work?

  • At submission, the corresponding author with the author must select the institution and use the email address of that institution.
  • ​Your institution will be alerted of your open access funding request and, if the request is approved, your work will be published at no additional cost to you as ACS open access via a CC-BY license and made freely available on the ACS Publications website.
  • See the detailed instruction on the ACS website ‘How to publish under a R&P agreement’.
  • Questions? Please contact your open access specialists.
Meer informatie

More information on the ACS website.

This contract discloses the 'Online Products Institutional Access Agreement between
SURF and the American Chemical Society + Addendum'.

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