European Commission publishes scoping report on research assessment

The European Commission published a scoping report summarizing the outcomes of extensive consultations with European and international stakeholders, that took place from March to November 2021.  

The consultation with stakeholders aimed at discussing how to facilitate and speed up a reform of the research assessment system, so that the quality, performance and impact of research and researchers are assessed on the basis of the most appropriate criteria and processes. The consultation identified objectives and outlines for such a reform, with principles and actions that could be agreed between the organisations that have the responsibility to define criteria and processes to assess research projects, researchers, research units and research institutions.
The report also proposes a way forward for the implementation of such principles and actions. This would consist in a European agreement that would be signed by individual research funding organisations, research performing organisations and national/regional assessment authorities and agencies, as well as by their associations, all willing to reform the current research assessment system.  
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