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Qoam, short for Quality Open Access Market, now also provides information about the journals in which corresponding authors of Dutch universities can publish their articles in open access free of charge. This is agreed upon in the licence contracts with important scientific publishers such as Elsevier, Springer and Wiley. An overview of these deals can be found on the page 'National agreements'.

The journals in which Dutch authors can publish for free can in Qoam be recognized by the italicized title. By clicking the title you will get to a page with detailed information. Under the tab Price Information you can see Institutional Price. Find your institution, click on it to get information on the agreement that has been made with this publisher on publishing in open access. This way Qoam gives an insight into the journals in which can be published for free or with a huge discount of the following publishers: Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, Emerald, Sage and Walter de Gruyter.

Quality Open Access Market (QOAM) wants to give academic authors transparant information on the quality of open access journals. The reliability of the peer review process is an important criterion for this. In the Basic Score university libraries give an opinion on how clear the information is on the websites of open access and hybrid journals. Furthermore QOAM publishes the Valuation Score Card with which academic authors can mutually share their experiences with the journal concerned.


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