Open access deal with Wolters Kluwer


VSNU has reached an agreement with publisher Wolters Kluwer. Within the license open access publishing is also made possible. Wolters Kluwer is publishing legal and fiscal journals and professional literature. Academic articles from the 27 journals will be eligible for publishing in the repositories of the universities and other public sites or webpages 6 to 12 months after publication on the Kluwer Navigator and other Kluwer platforms. This way everyone will have access after an embargo period.

The agreement with Wolters Kluwer differs from the deals VSNU made with other important scientific publishers. Articles are not published in open access on the platform of the publisher immediate after the publication process is finished. Next to the universities the Dutch legal profession and other law professionals are also important customers of this publisher. This fact had influence on the outcome of the negotiations.

After the two year agreement the impact of the embargo period will be evaluated.


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