Open access platform for Dutch academic journals launched

The open access platform was launched on Friday 29th with seven academic journals in the field of social sciences and humanities. This new, low-threshold, platform offers journals published in the Netherlands the opportunity to publish in open access.

Two years ago, the OPuS Foundation initiated the idea for a national platform for the open access publication of scientific journals in the humanities and social sciences. Thanks to NWO, the KNAW Humanities Cluster and participating journals, including BMGN, EMLC and TSEG, this idea has now become a reality and is ready for use on

The platform offers academic, peer-reviewed journals the opportunity to publish in full open access, without charging authors. In this so-called diamond open access model, participating journals pay a modest fixed annual contribution to the openjournals platform for their participation in the platform and also have a say in its future development. The openjournals platform operates on a non-profit basis and is completely transparent from an organizational, technical and financial point of view. In the first instance, the platform focuses primarily on journals in the humanities and social sciences, because for this category the transition to open access is often difficult to achieve in a sustainable manner via other platforms or publishers.

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