Open Science NL launched to drive open science transition in the Netherlands

The Regieorgaan Open Science, or Open Science NL for short, has been officially launched. The governing body was set up to accelerate the transition to Open Science. Many important institutions in the field of science have committed to Open Science NL: NWO, UNL, NFU, VH, SURF, KNAW, NWO-I, ZonMw, UKB, KB, DANS, Netherlands eScience Center, 4TUResearchData, Health-RI and SHB, as well as the Ministry of Education Culture, and Science.

Open Science NL aims to stimulate and support existing and new initiatives from the scientific community and develop innovative funding programs. It will base itself on the Open Science 2030 ambition document developed by the National Open Science Programme.

As of 1 June, the steering committee of Open Science NL has been ratified. Its members were selected because of their extensive knowledge and vision in the field of Open Science.

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