Sharing publications via the repository is given an extra boost

At the end of 2019, Dutch universities (united in the VSNU) decided to give their 100% open access goal an extra boost by supporting a broad implementation of Article 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act (Taverne Amendment).

This decision follows the successful "You Share, We Take Care" pilot. More than 600 researchers took part in this in 2019 an more than 2800 publications were made available in open access via the repositories. The decision for an extra boost was taken by the VSNU on 13 December 2019 and followed a positive decision by the board of the National Open Science Program (NPOS). Implementation of the Taverne amendment fits within a broad set of actions to promote open access and is part of the sector agreement that VSNU and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science concluded in 2018.

Broad implementation of the amendment means that all researchers who want to share their work based on the NPOS principles will be supported by their institution. In 2020 this should lead to a further increase in the number of publications shared in open access. The project is therefore an addition to the already long-running VSNU strategy to make open access agreements with publishers within a "publish and read" model.

During the "You Share, We Take Care" pilot, a landing page was created on to inform researchers about the principles of the pilot. From now on this page will become the central point for informing about future policy developments, conditions, working methods and contact addresses at universities.

More info: Press release VSNU (in Dutch).

Download: Pilot evaluation report

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