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The Dutch Data Prize awards the efforts of researchers who collect and document data in order to make the data accessible to others.

Wednesday November 16th 2016, experts in altmetrics will gather to discuss about this topic and how altmetrics can support Open Science.

Christian Bröer of the department of sociology (FMG), Balázs Bodó of the Institute for Information Law (FdR) and Saskia Woutersen-Windhouwer of the Library, jointly received a Horizon2020 Grant fo

'Open Access is not a dogma for me, but a way to spread scientific information - publications

The EC published its new guidelines on research data originating from Horizon 2020 projects, that participate in the Open Research Data Pilot.

An agreement has also been concluded with the publishing house Walter de Gruyter.

The autumn seminar will bring under attention and raise awareness on publishing, visibility and impact – be it academic, societal, economic- on the importance of being open and on using complement

An enthusiastic crowd of PhD’s attended the seminar ‘Publishing and Integrity’ on Tuesday 24 May 2016 at the Library of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (UBVU).

Friday May 27 2016 the European ministers of science, innovation, trade, and industry decided that from 2020 all scientific articles must be freely available to everyone.

Publishing and Integrity

The scientific publishing process is subject to new, and sometimes controversial, developments.


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