How can open access benefit you?

The ideal of the open access movement is also important for you. The more knowledge that is available in open access, the greater your chance of having free access to reference textbooks and journals. It brings us a step closer to the legal exchange of study materials with students from other universities. It also gives students in the developing world access to the results of research.

What can you do? 

If you plan to publish, be aware of your copyrights and protect them.

Tell others what you know about open access.

Use open access search engines when preparing a paper or thesis:

  • NARCIS: search engine for Dutch scholarly production (> 40% open access)
  • Base: the largest open access search engine, searching > 3100 (university) scholarly archives
  • Paperity: a special open access search engine where all articles can be read on the site of the search engine itself and are full-text searchable
  • DOAJ-search: in articles published in open access journals
  • OAIster: > 1100 (university) scholarly archives containing pre-prints, etc.
  • DOAB: provides an overview of peer-reviewed e-books published in open access
  • OATD: open access to theses and PhD dissertations from more than 800 universities, colleges and research institutes worldwide

Help to organise open access activities.

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