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A chronological overview of important Dutch open access and open science successes.

25 February
UKB consortium signs new deals for access to scientific journals and open access publishing

Early 2022, the UKB consortium renewed a number of 'read and publish' contracts with major publishers. Through these deals, the Dutch university community and the academic hospitals have access to many thousands of scientific journals, as well as the right to publish open access in the journals for which licenses have been agreed upon at no extra cost. This makes the results of scientific research accessible to everyone worldwide without barriers.

14 March
A milestone! NARCIS provides access to 900,000 open access scholarly publications!

In cooperation with the repository managers of scientific institutions and the many researchers in the Netherlands, 900,000 scholarly publications are now accessible via NARCIS! In ten months' time, this database has grown by 100,000 publications. NARCIS is a service of DANS - Data Archiving and Networked Services.

29 January
Open access platform for Dutch academic journals launched

The open access platform was launched on Friday 29th January with seven academic journals in the field of social sciences and humanities. This new, low-threshold, platform offers journals published in the Netherlands the opportunity to publish in open access.

01 December
Dutch Research Council launches Open Science Fund

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has introduced a new funding instrument to stimulate Open Science. Eligible initiatives are in the broad field of Open Science; ways to publish more open access, to unlock and share data, or to bring about a cultural change within the organization to Open Science.

26 May
Open access to 800,000 scientific publications through NARCIS

In collaboration with universities and other research institutions, NARCIS now provides open access to more than 800,000 scientific publications. TU Delft Library’s repository team has recently been responsible for passing the 800,000 mark. Over 52,000 TU Delft publications can be found through NARCIS, almost all of them open access publications.

The more than 800,000 open access publications include 332,000 journal articles and more than 87,000 dissertations. They come from all Dutch universities, HBO-Kennisbank (publications deposited by 26 universities of applied sciences), KNAW, NWO, and other scientific institutions. In all, 38 repositories are involved.

01 December
New milestone for NARCIS: 750,000 open access publications available

More than 750,000 scientific publications are now accessible in NARCIS. Over 48,000 publications date from 2019. The publications can be found in the repositories of all Dutch universities, KNAW, NWO and other scientific institutions, such as RCE-Archeological reports, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, TNO, RIVM, and HBO Kennisbank (26 universities of applied sciences), in total 37 institutes.

31 July
A milestone: 700,000 open access scholarly publications in NARCIS

There are now 700,000 open access publications accessible through NARCIS, the national platform for open access scientific information, of which 287,000 articles and 140,000 reports, and 82,000 doctoral theses.

31 May
Final Plan S guidance published by cOAlition S

On 31 May 2019 the updated implementation guidance of Plan S was published. Plan S requires that all publications resulting from research that is funded by research funders participating in cOAlition S will be published Open Access. In the Netherlands the Dutch Research Council (NWO), including ZonMW, has joined cOAlition S and will implement Plan S from 2021 onwards.

08 February
Dutch universities give open access another boost

The pilot ‘You share, we take care’ has started, that will make use of Dutch legislation. Together with researchers the Dutch universities will make academic publications worldwide available, six months after the first online publication.

02 January
Open Access agreement with Oxford University Press started

At Oxford University Press (OUP), corresponding authors of most Dutch universities and university hospitals can make their articles available for free to everyone for the next two years at no extra cost.

30 October
Half of all peer-reviewed articles by Dutch universities available in open access

At the wrap-up of the international open access week the VSNU, The Association of Universities in The Netherlands, has published the latest number of open access articles (covering 2017). Almost 23.000 peer-reviewed articles from Dutch authors are openly available for everybody.

04 September
NWO joins international coalition to accelerate the transition to open access

On September 4ht, an international group of research councils called ‘cOAlition S’ and including the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, announced a plan for accelerating the transition to open access. The essence of the plan is that from 1 January 2020 onwards, all publications that emerge from research funded by these research councils must be published in open access journals or open access platforms.

26 July
The national portal NARCIS provides access to 630,000 open access publications

More than 630,000 scientific open access publications are now accessible through the scholarly portal NARCIS, including more than 250,000 journal articles, 136,000 reports and more than 58,000 theses. The publications can be found in 33 repositories of Dutch universities, Dutch Academy KNAW, funding organisation NWO

and other scientific institutes, such as the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE), the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), TNO, Nivel - The Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research, and 25 Universities of Applied Sciences (affiliated with the HBO Kennisbank).

25 June
Open access deal with Wolters Kluwer

VSNU has reached an agreement with publisher Wolters Kluwer. Within the license open access publishing is also made possible.

16 March
Open access agreement with Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press (OUP) and the Dutch universities have agreed on a new big deal, which also includes open access publishing. This is the first time this publisher has taken this step.

12 March
New deal with Springer

VSNU and Springer have an agreement on a new deal on open access publishing by corresponding authors of Dutch universities. They are allowed to publish 2,080 articles in Springer journals with no extra costs per year for the duration of the deal (2018-2021).

02 March
Utrecht University and Tilburg University published their open science programmes

Utrecht University has sent its new Open Science Programme 2018-2020 to the rector and university board for approval. Comments on the draft version 0.7, accessible via the website of the UU, are welcome.

At University Tilburg, the Open Science plan has now been approved by the rector and university board, and the University Council. The TiU Open Science plan, Action Plan for Open Science for Tilburg University Strategy 2018-2021, has been registered in Zenodo.

08 February
Karel Luyben appointed as the National Coordinator for Open Science.

The steering group of the National Platform Open Science appointed former Delft University of Technology Rector Karel Luyben as the National Coordinator for Open Science. In this newly created role, Luyben will work to achieve the Netherlands' open science ambitions and to strengthen the country's pioneering role in this field.

02 January
National Journal browser shows journals that offer open access publishing

The national open access Journal browser gives an overview of the journals that offer open access publishing and which (discount) arrangements are in effect.

22 October
Open access campaign VSNU kicks off

The Association of Dutch Universities (VSNU) has taken the initiative for a publicity campaign on open access. The campaign focuses on Dutch researchers. By 2020, all publications of Dutch researchers must be available in open access. A number of PhD candidates and renowned scientists from Dutch universities participated in the campaign. They are shown on the posters and banners that can be downloaded from under the "References" - "Promotional Materials" tab.

10 October
Open science and open access in Dutch Coalition Agreement 2018 - 2022

In the Dutch Coalition Agreement "open science" and "open access" are normative for scientific research in the Netherlands.  The title of the agreement is "Vertrouwen in de toekomst" which means "Confidence in the future".

22 May
100% open access agreement with Cambridge University Press

From June 1 2017 researchers at Dutch universities will be able to publish in open access in 339 CUP hybrid journals and 17 CUP full open access journals, without any additional costs for them.

16 May
Start Dutch campaign 'Open up to open access'

The campaign aims to inform researchers about the possibilities on publishing in open access. The Dutch uinversities have made arrangements with publishers to make it easier for their researchers. Open access gives new opportunities to science because it makes the results of reserach visible worldwide for everyone.

30 March
500,000 open access publications accessible via NARCIS

Since March 2017 the scholarly portal NARCIS gives access to over 500,000 scholarly open access publications from the repositories of all the Dutch universities, KNAW, NWO and a number of research institutes.

14 October
Overview of publisher deals launched

Via the page Publisher agreements, gives insight into the open access deals arranged between Dutch universities and publishers of academic journals.

27 May
Open access in deal with American Chemical Society

The Association of universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) reached an agreement with the American Chemical Society (ACS) about open access publishing. Starting 2017 all new articles submitted b y an author connected to a Dutch university with ACS will be published open access without extra charges.

03 February
Open access agreement with Wiley

The Dutch universities and Publisher John Wiley and Sons Inc. have reached an agreement which gives researchers of the universities the possibility to enjoy unlimited open access publication in approximately 1,400 journals of this publisher, without paying publishing charges levied at the article level.

11 December
Principle Agreement with Elsevier on Open Access publishing

The 3-year agreement starts in January 2016.

01 December
NWO tightens conditions granting OA publishing

NWO will only grant OA publishing fees if publications will be made open access immediately from the moment of publication onwards in a fully open access journal. OA publication of articles in hybrid journals will be no longer paid for.

09 October
Open access week 2015

A lot of Dutch academic institutes organize special activities from 19-23 October.

You will find an overview in our newssection. 

12 October
LingOA launched

Linguistics offers free access to academic publications and manages its own journals.

31 August
2015 completely overhauled

The national website on open access has been completely revamped. It now has a new, up-to-date look and is more interactive.

10 July
Amendment to Copyright Act

In the wake of the Dutch House of Representatives, the Senate has also adopted the amendment proposed by MP Taverne (in Dutch). The Dutch Copyright Act now provides the legal basis by which academic authors can make their research results available worldwide in open access.

07 July
UKB signs The Hague Declaration on open science

UKB, the consortium of 13 university libraries and the National Library of the Netherlands, has signed and therefore endorsed the aims of The Hague Declaration.

05 July
Agreement with SAGE

SAGE publishers and Dutch universities have signed a two-year agreement on the transition to open access. This agreement enables researchers to publish in open access in SAGE’s academic journals.

16 April
Wiley takes a step towards open access

Publisher Wiley and Dutch universities take step towards open access.

19 March
TU Eindhoven opts for green route

The Executive Board of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) opts for the green route towards open access.

06 March
400,000 open access publications in NARCIS

NARCIS, the main national platform for academic information in open access publications, has reached a new milestone. There are now 400,000 open access publications accessible, including 66,000 doctoral theses and 165,000 articles.

17 February
First open access dataset deposited with DANS

In line with the new DANS policy, the first fully open access dataset has been made available in EASY by Dr Victor de Boer (VU) and Dr Jurjen Leinenga (Huygens Institute for Dutch History). This policy now makes it easier for researchers to share their research data.

20 December
Agreement with Springer

In December 2014 the Dutch universities reached an agreement with the publisher Springer on open access publishing for Dutch (corresponding) authors in 2015 and 2016. Under the agreement, all articles published by corresponding authors affiliated with a Dutch VSNU or NFU member institution will be published in open access free of charge for the author.

17 April
SCOAP3 supported by Dutch libraries

On 12 February 2014, the UKB has promised her support to the SCOAP3 project. With the SCOAP3-initiative, CERN is converting a number of key journals in the field of High-Energy Physics available in open access.

25 March
Participation Knowledge Unlatched

Universities in the Netherlands are taking part in the worldwide Knowledge Unlatched Pilot, in which books in the humanities and social sciences are made available online through free worldwide open access immediately after publication.

The pilot is supported by some 300 libraries from 24 countries and 13 academic publishers, including Brill, Cambridge University Press and De Gruyter. The books are published on the OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) platform.

14 January
First article published in open access with Springer

The article "Reeb-Thurston stability for symplectic foliations" of two Dutch mathematicians has become available as first in open access in accordance with the understandings made with publisher Springer. One of the two authors is Ion Marcut of the department of Mathematical Physics. After verification by the universities, publications on Springer's website become rapidly available for everybody in the world. More information about the Springer Agreement 2015-2016.


13 April
Directory of Open Access Books launched

OAPEN is pleased to announce the launch of the Directory of Open Access Books (, a discovery service for peer reviewed books published under an open access license. DOAB provides a searchable index to the information about these books, with links to the full texts of the publications at the publisher’s website or repository.


09 September
OAPEN-NL publishes first books

OAPEN offers publishers, research institutes and libraries effective new ways of disseminating scholarly work.

The first books subsidised by the OAPEN-NL project are now available online in the OAPEN Library. These first books are by the publisher Brill, and cover subjects ranging from medieval markets to Bedouin language. In total fifteen books received funding in the first round of OAPEN-NL.


31 August
Website renewed

1 September 2015: the website is renewed, with new looks and fresh content.

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