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"This is a very exciting time in scholarly publishing. We are able to move beyond open access and work to create a new ecosystem and infrastructure for scholarly publications and communications." 

Dr. Caroline Sutton, Co-Founder of Co-Action Publishing and Director at Infrastructure Services for Open Access

There is a growing number of academic publishers that has chosen open access as their exclusive business model. Most publishers, such as Copernicus, PLoS, Biomed, Frontiers, MDPI and PeerJ, have yet to establish a long tradition. 

In addition, more and more large and traditional publishers are publishing journals that are fully open access. These titles are operated alongside existing subscriptions. Examples are: Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, Taylor & Francis group, Nature Publishing, SAGE and Oxford University Press.

Directory of Open Access Journals

The majority of open access journal titles can be found in the Directory of Open Access (over 18,000 journals) The DOAJ aims to provide all titles in the DOAJ with the DOAJ Seal of Quality.

Directory of Open Access Books

The Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) refers to open access books on publishers' websites. These are peer-reviewed books published under an open licence (mostly CC licences), i.e. books that are "free to read" and "free to share". By mid-2022, DOAB contains almost 60,000 books from hundreds of publishers.


Many open access publishers are united in OASPA, Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association.

Number of publications in 2021

In 2021 the following numbers of articles of Dutch authors, in the role of correspondance author, are published at publishers with an open access model or in ful open access journals by other publishers:

publishersopen access articles 
Springer Nature BV199 
Elsevier BV1.053 
Nature Portfolio578 
John Wiley & Sons limited393 
Taylor & Francis Group134 
Jmir publications inc128 
Sage publications118 
Oxford University Press (Journals)81 
Cambridge University Press76 

This data has been updated on 29 August 2022. No rights can be derived from this table

Open access publishers with a dubious reputation

Some entities have attempted to exploit the business model of open access publishing by charging large fees to authors without providing the proper editorial and publishing services associated with more established and legitimate journals. Please go to the Quality Issues section to find out how you can identify these so-called predatory journals

National open access agreements

Negotiations with the major academic publishers about the renewal of the big deals are conducted from 2015 onwards. The transition to open access will be on the agenda. The negotiations are held in close consultation between the Organisatin of the Universites of the Netherlands (UNL) and UKB (the partnership of university libraries and the National Library of the Netherlands). 





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