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After a thorough preparation the UKB project group for national open access monitoring has now started the actual pilot in which publication data of

On this page, offers current and factual information about Plan S.

The ambition of the Netherlands is to achieve 100% open access. Agreements have been made with many publishers about open access publishing.

The Dutch universities will give open access an extra boost from 2019 by starting a pilot to make publications available after six months in collaboration with researchers. 

Knowledge Exchange is continuously active in promoting Open Access by bringing together Open Access experts from all six KE partner countries. This study was initiated by Knowledge Exchange

The Alliance Polytechnical Libraries (SHB) focuses on the '

How can open access benefit you?

Open access can boost the visibility, dissemination, use and impact of your work.


The greatest benefit of open access is that it enables the results of scholarly research to be disseminated more rapidly and widely:

Open access and copyright

Copyright always plays a role in open access publishing.

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