The maximum number of open access articles that can be published free of charge at Emerald in 2022 was reached on 25 November

Corresponding authors affiliated with a Dutch university participating in the Read & Publish agreement with publisher Emerald will no longer be able to publish open access articles in this publisher's journals at no additional cost until 1 January 2023. The yearly available amount of vouchers (86) for the year2022 have all been used.

What are the consequences?

If your manuscript is accepted for publication between 25 November and 1 January 2023, Emerald still offers the possibility to publish it open access but the full costs are no longer covered by the consortium agreement. If you choose open access on payment, you will therefore receive the invoice yourself (with a 10% discount). Authors who wish to share their article in open access and expect manuscript acceptance between 25th November and January 1st are advised to contact their library.

The current agreement with Emerald also applies for 2023, with a maximum amount of 101 vouchers allowing open access publication at no extra cost. For manuscripts accepted in January 2023 or later in the year, free open access will again be available until this annual maximum is reached.


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